Character Animation Reel 


*Responsible for ALL animation EXCEPT, the Cat. The rest is all me*


Shot 01 - 'Personal Test (WIP)' ... War Vet talks about his grandson.

Shot 02 - 'Steam Boat Willie' ... Mickey drives boat, Pete doesn't like it. (2D Animation).

Shot 03 - 'The Prophet'  ... Pasha tries to convince Mustafa what to do.

Shot 04 - 'Escape' ... Gary trying to break the space pod glass and get out.

Shot 05 - 'Escape'  ... Sequence ... Shanker tricks Gary and snaps a shock collar on him, Gary is stunned. 

Shot 06 - 'Smurfs2'  ... Evil Smurfette summoning Gargamel and Azrial. 

Shot 07 - 'Smurfs2'  ... Smurfette enters to discover the "Naughties" are dying.

Shot 08 - 'Escape'  ... Sequence ... Murdoc is angry, Scorch is excited about his brother's flying.

Shot 09 -'The Prophet'  ... Playblast ... Mustafa looks to Halim for answers.


* Software used (CG Animation) - Maya, Fedora, Linux

* Software used (2D Animation) - Flash CS3, Traditional Animation, After Effects